My Five Kids

My Five Kids

Friday, August 15, 2014

Another Challenge from One Who Went Before Me

Do you ever feel yourself being challenged in big ways when you read quotes from D.L. Moody, George Mueller, A.W. Tozer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and so on? 

I often write down phrases that convict me, so that I can return to them later (and find them all in one notebook, so I don't have the excuse of wondering where I read something...) and pray about the things that I copied down.

Last week I read this quote from E.M. Bounds ~

     "More time and early hours for prayer would act like magic to revive and invigorate many a decayed spiritual life. - We live shabbily because we pray meanly. - Tarrying in the closet instructs...We are taught by it, and the greatest victories are after the results of great waiting. - Who prays as Jacob prayed, til he's crowned as a prevailing, princely intercessor?"

Am I the only one who is challenged by such words? Wow! What awesome benefits there are to be gained simply by reading the words of previous generations who loved and served the living God! 

Now, I have to say that I in no way suggest or condone reading Bounds or Spurgeon or anyone else in place of the Bible. Get in the Word, daily, or you will never know if the words others have written are in accordance with what the Lord says in the Bible. But if you are looking to be challenged in new ways, in addition to your daily Bible reading and personal prayer time, then why not consider reading some material written by those I've mentioned here? 

Be blessed as you seek hard after the Lord!

Day 3 done :)

Jan L. Burt
author of The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study 

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